These “Exposing Smuts” pages on FB are getting out of control.


I haven’t really looked at them, and the first time I do I see someone I know. Then it hit me how bad I felt. These girls are having their personal business put out in front of thousands of people on Facebook. People try to justify it by saying “They should have never sent a naked picture.” Well obviously that picture they sent was meant for one pair of eyes. It’s a shame that no one can be trusted now-a-days. The people that make these pages are assholes. Just because a girl sends a naked picture doesn’t mean she’s a smut. It means she was stupid enough to trust a dumb fuck. These people are dead ass wrong for what they’re doing, and they know it. This shit is not cool at all. I feel so bad for those girls. They’re lives are probably ruined now, because some fuck ass nigga wants to post their business. All I have to say is, karma is a fucking BITCH. They will get what they deserve. Bitch ass niggas. Fucking cunts. Ugh.